Every Journey Starts with a Purpose

Find inspiring books that connect a global community of individuals that are on a spiritual journey.

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The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most ancient scriptures in the world. It contains the direct word of the Divine, spoken for all mankind, irrespective of religion or tradition. The philosophy and teachings of the Gita are central to human life.


We saw a need to provide resources for those who are seeking to live as active participants in a purposeful life. All of our books are selected for the potential impact on your present moment.

Living Purposefully

Because everyone is here for a reason. Find yours. Live your true Self - Live purposefully.

Living Spiritually

Deep peace, Divine love and happiness is available for everyone. Find your path. Live spiritually.

Living Sustainably

Integrate healthy choices for the mind, body, spirit and planet into your life. Change yourself and change the world. Live sustainably.

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"It has again and again helped me understand myself and the situations I am going through from perspectives which I did not know previously." -MG
"P. Vishwananda explains the eternal truths of the Gita in a way that modern people, like myself, without any Hindu knowledge can understand." -RT
"I read a section everyday and am constantly amazed at how applicable to my life the insights are. The commentary helps me lead a healthier life." -LR